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Happy life is centered around personal (and professional) fulfillment. You'll find short and concise articles filled with expert advice, key tools, and useful tips for living a happy -- and balanced -- life. Topics include positive thinking, work-life balance, finding your ideal career, obtaining promotions, defining success, entrepreneurship, work flexibility, vacation time, and life after retirement.

Happy Life Articles

Empowering Advice Bullet Are the Chemicals in Your Home Killing You? For your family's health, here are the chemicals you should remove from your home -- and removed ASAP.

Empowering Advice Bullet Are You Affected By Past Trauma? A Self-Assessment. Take this short self-assessment and learn how trauma negatively affects lives. Plan on healing journey.

Empowering Advice Bullet Are You a Psychedelic Skeptic? Don't believe the claims about the healing benefits from psychedelics? Learn the truth about these psychedelic medicines.

Empowering Advice Bullet Are We Healing Through Conventional Medicine? No. We are sick. We self-medicate with alcohol, prescriptions, drugs. We do almost anything but actually heal; conventional medicine is not the answer.

Empowering Advice Bullet The Art of Asking for a Favor: 5 Tips for Success. Need a favor done? Learn 5 tips about art of asking that will help increase your chances of getting those favors granted.

Empowering Advice Bullet Body Image Wellness: Five Strategies For Liking Your Body. Millions of us have a body image issue. Learn five strategies for liking your body again.

Empowering Advice Bullet Breathwork Basics for Healing. Breath is essential to life, and also an essential tool for healing, one of the six healing modalities discussed in my book, HEAL!

Empowering Advice Bullet Change Your Grocery Shopping and SAVE Your Life. Learn about hyperpalatable foods, which use the savory-sweet-fat combination to overstimulate our brain.

Empowering Advice Bullet Consider a Power Nap for Better Health. Want better productivity at work? An afternoon nap can restore and refresh you when experiencing a natural decline in energy and wakefulness.

Empowering Advice Bullet Covid and Mental Health. While not widely reported, the Covid virus impacts both physical health AND mental health.

Empowering Advice Bullet Creating a Vision and Mission for Your Marriage. Advice, tips, and samples to help you and your partner write your marriage mission and vision statements.

Empowering Advice Bullet The Dangers of Loneliness -- and Tools for How to Overcome It. We are in a loneliness epidemic. Find well-tested strategies for how to overcome it, and for building real community.

Discover the Methods for True, Wholeistic, Healing. Find a new concept in healing; true, wholeistic healing. Can you imagine living your ideal life? Learn more.

Don't Make My Ayahuasca Mistake. Learn from my mistake. Finding and choosing an underground healing center for an illegal plant medicine or other psychedelic is challenging.

Do You Really Need Those Pills? Find True Healing. Find common remedies/fixes for common health issues -- rather than prescription pills.

Empowering Advice Bullet Embracing Healing Change: Keys to a Happy Life. Nothing stays constant. But a bigger issue with change is using it, embracing it, to heal from trauma. Learn how.

Empowering Advice Bullet Feel Good, Make a Difference: 20 Ways to Pay it Forward. Find 20 ways of performing random acts of kindness, making a positive difference, helping others

Empowering Advice Bullet Five Healing Benefits of Cannabis. If you are looking for a healthier alternative to achieving better health, less pain, fighting addiction, longer sleep, check out cannabis.

Empowering Advice Bullet Five Keys to Making Successful Presentations. Get empowered by learning five key strategies for making a successful presentation.

Empowering Advice Bullet Five Natural Ways to Help Ease Anxiety. Anxiety is most commonly diagnosed mental condition. Find natural ways to ease anxiety.

Empowering Advice Bullet Five Reasons You Should be Journaling to Enhance Your Life. Learn how using a journal can be a major tool to improving, enhancing life, from helping achieve goals, recording accomplishments, to appreciating the good.

Empowering Advice Bullet 5 Steps, 5 Minutes: Change Your Life for the Better. Find five tips for taking five minutes daily to work toward changing life for better.

Empowering Advice Bullet Five Reasons Why You Need a Personal Mission Statement. Learn the importance of personal mission statements and why having one will greatly improve your life.

Empowering Advice Bullet Five Steps for Achieving What You Want in Life. Consider implementing these five steps to help you achieve the things you want in life.

Empowering Advice Bullet Five Things to Consider Before Jumping into Healing Through Plant Medicines. Consider these five issues before jumping into the therapeutic use of psychedelic plant medicines.

Empowering Advice Bullet Five Things We Can Do to Help Veterans in Our Community. As individuals, we must do more to help veterans transition and connect back to civilian life in our communities.

Empowering Advice Bullet Five Tips for Attaining a Happy Life. Advice for those who are struggling with daily life; five key elements of a happy life are discussed.

Empowering Advice Bullet Five Tips for Spreading Positivity. Find five tips for how you can spread the power of positivity to others!

Empowering Advice Bullet Five Truths That Will Transform Your Life. Use the advice about these five life truths to transform your life, to be better, inspired, happier, focused.

Empowering Advice Bullet Five Ways to Heal Your Life! We can heal ourselves by changing habits; changing eating; changing health priorities; changing how we see the world.

Empowering Advice Bullet Five Ways to Make Meaningful PowerPoint (Slide Show) Slides. Slide show presentations need not be boring or sleep-inducing. Find keys to developing eye-catching but minimalist, meaningful slides.

Empowering Advice Bullet Five Ways to Maximize Your Personal Productivity. Learn five key productivity how-to tips for maximizing, enhancing both your personal and professional success.

Empowering Advice Bullet Five Ways to Raise Yourself Out of Mediocracy. Are you stuck in a rut? Working an unsatisfying job? This article provides five strategies for breaking out of mediocracy, changing your life.

Empowering Advice Bullet Five Ways to Restore Grace and Meaning to Your Life. Discusses five ways you can change to restore/enhance grace and live a purely joyous and meaningful life.

Empowering Advice Bullet Frequently Asked Questions About Psychedelic Medicines: 1-10. Find a collection of the most commonly asked questions about psychedelics, 1-10.

Empowering Advice Bullet Frequently Asked Questions About Psychedelic Medicines: 11-20. A collection of the 10 more of the most commonly asked questions about psychedelics.

Empowering Advice Bullet Gratitude: A New Year Requires a New Perspective. A change in perspective to reevaluate your circumstances may help you find (more) gratitude in your life.

Empowering Advice Bullet Have an Idea for a Book? Check Out These Tips for Authors. Find the 10 steps for authors who are seeking the best tips for book self-publishing.

Empowering Advice Bullet Heal. And Stop Living Two (or More) Lives. Finding TRUE healing takes you to a life of beautiful and renewed joy, love, peace, kindness.

Empowering Advice Bullet The Healing Benefits of Laughter. Learn about the many proven health and healing benefits of laughing and laughter for your brain and body.

Empowering Advice Bullet Healing the Mind, Body, and Soul. If you are struggling right now, here are five ways to start trying to heal your mind, body, and soul.

Empowering Advice Bullet Healing Starts With Eating Real Food: No More Fast Food. Are you overweight? Often fatigued? Part of a healing journey has to be changing your relationship with food.

Empowering Advice Bullet Healing Your Heart Starts With What You Eat. Americans tend to eat a fairly poor diet, resulting in poor heart health. But you don't need a drug to heal, just better nutrition.

Empowering Advice Bullet Hold the BEEF! For Your Health, Eat Only Sustainable, Pastured Beef. Looks at why we should be doing our best to purchase and eat pastured, grass-fed beef raised locally.

Empowering Advice Bullet How and Why Eggs Should be a Key Part of Your Diet. Eggs are a superfood that should be part of your diet, of your daily nutrition.

Empowering Advice Bullet How to Prepare for Your First Psychedelic Experience. Participating in a psychedelic healing ceremony a profound decision. Learn how to prepare for the five major phases of a psychedelic journey.

Empowering Advice Bullet Imagine All People Finding Healing in the Next 10 Years. This article presents an overview of the facts about our healing crisis and how we can ALL find healing now!

Empowering Advice Bullet Integration: It's What Must Be Done After Psychedelics. Learn how and why integration is an essential part of the psychedelic medicine experience.

Empowering Advice Bullet Is Exercise a Four-Letter Word to You? Learn how easy it is to exercise, move, and why exercising is so life-enriching.

Empowering Advice Bullet Is Positive Psychology Helping or Hurting Us? Are positive psychology messages of stay happy or be kind triggering people with trauma? Learn more.

Empowering Advice Bullet It's Time To Address It: Screen-Life Balance. Find useful tips for managing a balance with screen time. Too much screen time leads to health issues.

Empowering Advice Bullet Journaling for Healthy Healing and Personal Growth. Journaling is a great tool for reflection and growth. It's also a tool for safely examining past trauma and can be a powerful tool for true healing.

Empowering Advice Bullet Keys to Truly Understanding Food Labels. Food labels are designed to mislead. This article informs consumers how to read food labels, what items to review, more.

Empowering Advice Bullet Make Room for Healing. We all need healing. If you are living in the past, angry, bitter, guilty, you need to make room for healing.

Empowering Advice Bullet Make This Year YOUR Year: 5 Tips for Achieving Resolutions. Learn expert tips for changing your life through achieving your new year's resolutions.

Empowering Advice Bullet Mantras and Affirmations: Keys to Self-Care and Nourishing Your Mind. Discusses the transformative power of mantras and affirmations, what they are and how they can be used for mindfulness, positivity.

Empowering Advice Bullet Misconceptions and Myths About Psychedelics. Discover the truth about psychedelics as the seven misconceptions about these powerful medicines are exposed.

Empowering Advice Bullet Not Sure About Psychedelics? Try Microdosing. Learn key information and find links to resources about the benefits and reasons people microdose with psychedelic substances.

Empowering Advice Bullet Plant Medicine and Psychedelics Books. Take a deep dive into psychedelics and psychedelic plant medicines with these books.

Empowering Advice Bullet Plant Medicine, Psychedelic Documentaries Worth Your Time. Check out this list of the best documentary films and series on plant medicines and psychedelics.

Empowering Advice Bullet Plant Medicine, Psychedelic Podcasts Worth Your Time. Find hours and hours of listening time, filled with expert advice on psychedelic medicines.

Empowering Advice Bullet Practice Positivity: Five Tips for How To Be More Positive. Learn key tips for how to be more positive, for both mental and physical well-being.

Empowering Advice Bullet Practice Positivity: Five More Tips for Becoming More Positive. Find five more positivity tips, ways people can learn how to be more positive.

Empowering Advice Bullet Psychedelic Coaches & Healers: Are You Doing the Work? Stresses the importance of all psychedelic coaches, guides, facilitators to take the time to do their own healing work.

Empowering Advice Bullet Purge Your Pantry For Health and Healing. Don't let food marketers trick you. Most of the food sold in supermarkets is literally unhealthy junk food. Purge your pantry!

Empowering Advice Bullet Reasons to Consider Using a Trip Sitter for Your Psychedelic Experience. Discover why you should consider using a trip sitter, a trained facilitator who stays sober during client psychedelic journey.

Empowering Advice Bullet The Shadow Side of Ourselves -- and Psychedelics. Learn how people face their shadow selves and move beyond those traumas and negative feelings, with psychedelic medicines.

Empowering Advice Bullet Spread Love: Five Ways to Live a Love-Filled Life. Five ways of putting love into action in all phases of your life, spreading love and joy, and living a happy, love-filled life.

Empowering Advice Bullet Stop Poisoning Your Loved Ones on Valentine's Day. Sugar is a poison, so why show your love on Valentine's Day or any day by giving candy other sugary items?

Empowering Advice Bullet Ten Strategic Things You Can Do to Change Your Bad Mood. Learn 10 strategies for coping, changing, and transforming a bad mood to good.

Empowering Advice Bullet 10 Things I Learned From Psychedelic Science 2023. Read about my 10 takeways from this historic psychedelic conference.

Empowering Advice Bullet Ten Things Successful People Do NOT Do!. Learn about the 10 things successful people do NOT do, and what they do instead.

Empowering Advice Bullet 10 Tips For Succeeding in Online College Courses. Find 10 expert tips for helping you succeed in online programs and courses.

Empowering Advice Bullet Tips for Navigating a Challenging ("Bad Trip") Journey. Find tips for successfully navigating a psychedelic journey, with focus on best ways for dealing with challenging elements.

Empowering Advice Bullet To Truly Heal, We Must Reconnect With Our Inner Child. Learn how to heal unprocessed childhood trauma with inner child healing.

Empowering Advice Bullet Try a Little Kindness: Five Tips for Spreading Love and Joy. We can't let fear and negativity win; use these tips for spreading kindness, love, and joy.

Empowering Advice Bullet Understanding the History, Power, and Limitations of Psychedelics. Despite the political lies about psychedelics, the research is showing they can help people heal from past trauma.

Empowering Advice Bullet Unhelpful Expressions To People in Crisis. Instead of unhelpful phrases, learn the best way to help those suffering a mental illness.

Empowering Advice Bullet Utilizing the Power of Forgiveness. Do you want to heal? If so, forgiveness HAS to be part of your healing journey.

Empowering Advice Bullet Want to Heal? Detox Your Home... and Yourself. Did you know your home could be keeping you sick? You need to detox the chemicals in your home. Learn how.

Empowering Advice Bullet Want to Lead a Happier, Healthier Life? Get out in Nature! Learn five life-saving aspects of nature, which offers amazing healing and health benefits.

Empowering Advice Bullet We Are All Part of the Tree of Life. Learn about the tree of life; there is no question that we are all connected to nature and each other. Learn more in this article.

Empowering Advice Bullet What Are These Psychedelic Medicines? Psychedelically-curious? Learn more about these amazing healing substances.

Empowering Advice Bullet What Are Psychedelics? A Primer for the Curious. Psychedelics are an emerging medicines for many health issues. Learn the potential of these substances for healing.

Empowering Advice Bullet What is a Healing Journey? How Do I Start One? A healing journey is about WHOLE healing of both mental and physical ailments. Learn how to start yours!

Empowering Advice Bullet What's the Connection Between Healing and Psychedelics? We are in a healing crisis. Psychedelic substances are showing amazing promise as key tools for healing trauma.

Empowering Advice Bullet What is Empathy -- and How Can You Be More Empathic? Learn more about empathy, which deals with the ability of people to think outside oneself to feel the emotions of others.

Empowering Advice Bullet What is Trauma... and How Psychedelic Medicines Can Help. What is trauma? How are psychedelics related to trauma? Read all the details here.

Empowering Advice Bullet What's Your Ikigai, Your Purpose in Life? Many believe a strong sense of mental well-being and life longevity come from living a life with purpose.

Empowering Advice Bullet What Should I Expect With a Psychedelic Journey? This article takes a look at the basics involved in the preparation for and what to expect during your first psychedelic experience.

Empowering Advice Bullet Who Hasn't Been Grieving Recently? Five Tips for Managing Loss. Many of us are dealing with loss and grief, but how many of us know how to cope and manage loss and grieving? Find tips for helping dealing with loss.

Empowering Advice Bullet Why Are We So Angry? You Have the Power to Change... Heal. Learn more about excessive anger and the methods for healing our anger.

Empowering Advice Bullet Why Consider Transcending Suffering Through Psychedelics. An emerging tool for transcending suffering is the intentional use of psychedelic medicines.

Empowering Advice Bullet Why Mindfulness is Such a Healing Practice. Mindfulness is about living in the moment, appreciating all the little moments often get overlooked. Learn the benefits of mindfulness.

Empowering Advice Bullet Why Relationships Are KEY to a Healing Journey. Having supportive people, your tribe, in your life is essential to your healing. Learn more.

Empowering Advice Bullet Why Should I Consider Psychedelics? Are you curious about psychedelic substances? Why are people using psychedelics? Find answers here.

Empowering Advice Bullet Why Toastmasters? Five Reasons to Join a Toastmasters Club. Want to learn how to make speeches? Join Toastmasters to help learn presentation skills, conquer speaking fears.

Empowering Advice Bullet Why We All Need Healing -- and How Psychedelics Can Help. We are the keepers of our own healing, so how can you find the healing you seek? Find key tips in this article.

Empowering Advice Bullet Why We Need a New Victory Garden Movement. Our food system is broken. We are in a nutrition/health war today. We need is a home garden movement.

Happy Life, Career, Growth, Health, and Wellness Book Reviews

Empowering Reading: Compassionomics. A review of Stephen Trzeciak's and Anthony Mazzarelli's Compassionomics: The Revolutionary Scientific Evidence That Caring Makes a Difference. A powerful case for finding ways to increase empathy and compassion in healthcare.

Empowering Reading: Coming Full Circle. A review of Shannon Duncan's Coming Full Circle: Using Psychedelics to Heal Trauma. A powerful story of deep healing with great advice on psychedelics.

Empowering Reading: Finding the Job You Love. A review of Cara Heilmann's The Art of Finding the Job You Love. Read the five best takeaways for job-seekers from this excellent career book

Happy Career and Worklife Articles

Another Option After High School: Trade/Vocational Schools. For some high school students, learning a trade by attending career or vocational school is the best choice. Learn more.

Career and Job-Search Planning Guide: From A to Z. Explains some of the most important career and job-hunting concepts, ideas, and strategies, from A to Z.

Career and Personal Branding Basics. A primer on the what, how, and why of career and personal branding for career success.

Developing a Strategic Vision for Your Career Plan. Takes job-seekers through exercises and plans for both short-term and long-term career exploration and planning.

Empowering Advice Bullet Empowering Career Advice for Veterans. If your mission is to successfully transition from military to civilian employment, this article covers all you need to succeed.

Five Attitude Changes That Help You Survive, Then Thrive. Try these five attitude changes/hacks to overcome workplace stress -- and not only survive, but thrive.

Five Easy Steps to Creating a Personal Mission Statement. Create your personal mission statement using this five-step process.

Five Essential Career Branding Elements/Tools. Learn about the five tools you should be using to showcase and communicate your personal and career brand.

Five Keys to Enjoying, Thriving, Surviving the Office Party. Worried the holiday office party? Learn the five key to enjoying, thriving, and surviving an office party.

Five Red Flags About Questionable Employers. Tips when job-hunting on how to avoid unethical organizations. Read up on these five red flags of questionable employers.

Five Ways to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Better. Whether job-hunting, networking, or simply updating your profile, find five quick tips to make your LinkedIn profile better, stronger.

For Career Success, Five Key Personal Branding Tips. Use the lessons from successful marketers to power and improve your personal career brand for job-hunting and career success.

Have the Expertise? Become a Consultant. If you have the expertise and desire, becoming a consultant might be a better alternative than a full-time job. Learn more.

How and Why You Should Use a Career SWOT Analysis. Learn how to how to create your personal career SWOT Analysis, and how to then develop specific strategies to further your career.

How to Use LinkedIn Effectively -- and Efficiently -- for Your Professional Gain. Learn how to use LinkedIn effectively and efficiently to maximize your profile visibility, networking, job-hunting, and learning/professional growth.

Investing in Yourself by Investing in Your Career: How to... and Why. A Guide for Job-Seekers. For career success, job-seekers need to be proactive in investing in personal, professional skills development.

Job-Hunting? Common Resume Errors to Avoid. Improve your resume by avoiding these common resume errors -- errors that doom your chance of success.

Job-Hunting? Five Essential Elements of Job-Seeker Resumes. Here's what you need to develop and format a resume for today's job market.

Job-Hunting? Strong Action Verbs for Your Resume. Find 10 sets of powerful action verbs to describe your accomplishments.

Pros and Cons of Taking a Survival Job: A Tough Decision. Examines the pros and cons of taking a survival job, as well as tips and suggestions for making the best of a bad situation.

Salary Negotiation: Avoid These Salary Negotiation Mistakes . Find 10 things to avoid when dealing with job-hunting and salary negotiation.

10 Easy Fixes to Improve Your Resume. Here are 10 simple things you can do to strengthen and enhance your resume as you look for a new job.

Transferable Skills for Job-Seekers. Find a list of the six major categories of transferable "soft" skills to describe yourself.


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