Imagine All People Finding Healing in the Next 10 Years

We can find healing over the next decade? A bodacious, outrageous claim? A false and crazy optimism? Or a future we can and want to rally around?

This article presents a quick overview of the facts about our healing crisis -- and how we can ALL find healing now... this year and beyond.

We're in a Healing Crisis

Seriously. Our collective mental health has never been so challenged and our physical health has ballooned (pun intended) to dangerous proportions.

We have an almost overwhelming suicide crisis, with an average of 137 deaths per day; it is ranked as one of the leading causes of death in the U.S. We also have a chronic illness epidemic, with three-quarters of Americans categorized with metabolic illness, including higher rates of obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease.

We know all the issues, the causes, and the lies... and yet as we look to 2024 and beyond, studies show we are in danger of living shorter lives filled with chronic illnesses and mental breakdowns -- and the future is even worse for our children and grandchildren.

But in the midst of this darkness, there are pockets of people (myself included) who are hopeful that we can break through the clutter, the lies, the habits, the media, and turn this situation around.

We are truly on the precipice of disaster. Look over the edge and see the decline of the world around you.

... or, look over the edge above the death and disaster to the light shining brightly on the horizon. That light is the light of hope, of healing, of living.

That light is the ever-emerging HEALING REVOLUTION.

How do we get to that horizon of hope and healing rather than falling into the pit of death and despair? Read on!

We KNOW How to Heal

Why are we -- as a collective -- fat, sad, sick, angry, tired, suicidal?

We have all the tools we need to heal... we just need to start implementing them into our lives.

The healing revolution is not about finding new healing modalities -- it's about overthrowing the old model -- the old "container" of health and healing that is based on lies and bad research, as well as misguided intentions.

Here's how to join the healing revolution.

Think of healing like a light switch -- or, better, a dimmer switch for a light (of hope, healing).

We have to turn down the dimmer on the bad habits and activities we do based on the decades of lies we've been fed (and are still being fed) by Big Government, Big Food, Big Ag, and Big Pharma.

We have to turn the dimmer up for healing modalities, including nutrition, movement, spirituality, nature, breathwork, psychedelics.

For 2024, turn down:
  • Excess (and really all refined) sugars; sugar is toxic and correlated with obesity, cancer

  • Most sugar substitutes (including sucralose, saccharin, aspartame), which are unnatural compounds with potential dangers

  • Ultra-processed, convenience, junk foods, which are truly empty calories

  • Fast food restaurants of ANY kind; none are healthy in any way

  • Social media, which only encourages the negative implications from comparison syndrome

  • All diets, quick weight-loss gimmicks, which simply lead to gaining more weight

  • "Vegetable" Seed oils of any kind, which are truly toxic

  • Alexa (and any other device that helps you stay sedentary)

  • Pharmaceuticals that only (and barely) manage symptoms

  • Self-medicating of any kind

  • Ignoring the past

  • Too much time spent in the concrete jungle -- or simply stuck indoors

  • Self-destructive behaviors (binging anything, including porn, gambling, sex, drugs, food)

  • Relationships that negatively affect your life -- regardless of who they are

  • Grudges, vendettas, revenge fantasies

For 2024, turn up:
  • A healing journey (focused on many of the items listed below)

  • Research on healing, including improving your mental and physical health

  • Self-love and kindness (because without self-love, you are subject to mistreatment by others)

  • Cooking healthily from scratch

  • Buying clean, real, and organic when possible

  • Healthy eating and drinking (grassfed meats and eggs, sustainably caught fish, fresh vegetables, nuts and seeds, etc.)

  • Raising your own food or buying from local farmers and ranchers producing food the right way

  • Movement of any kind (including walking, biking, gardening, housework, weights, etc.)

  • Finding moments to pause, move, feel gratitude (for big, small, and everything in between)

  • Finding, celebrating, and deepening your connection to your tribe -- your people -- the folks who get you and want to see you live your best life

  • Getting out in nature, whether for simply relaxing or taking a stimulating hike/walk

  • Finding faith in something more than yourself; not necessarily a religion but a belief system

  • Digging into your past and leaning into the "scary" things that trigger you emotionally

  • Forgiveness -- for yourself and anyone who has hurt you in the past

  • Take one or more deeply healing psychedelic/plant medicine journeys

  • Microdosing psychedelics

Healing is NOT a Mystery

What is this year going to look like for you? Is it going to be more of the same? Or, is this the year you find healing?

Healing is not a mystery; we know what we need to do... but it's going to be challenging, right?

You'll face challenges in your healing journey:

  • People will question your motives, perhaps your sanity

  • You will have to remove people from your life who don't support your healing -- and find new ones who DO support your journey

  • Your entire pantry and way of cooking and eating will have to be reformed

  • You'll have to discover new brands and suppliers doing food the right way

  • Eating out will become almost impossible

  • Finding the time to work in movement into your busy schedule

  • You will have to face up to the lies we've been told about food, agriculture, nutrition, health, pharmaceuticals, and psychedelics

  • Expect setbacks and hidden emotional sinkholes; a healing journey is not all love and sunshine; there will be dark and challenging days... the key is having the resilience to embrace the challenges and overcome them

Final Thoughts: Healing is About True Healing

We have been led to believe that we can find healing through one or more magic pills that the pharmaceutical companies happily market to your doctor as well as to you directly through their endless series of ads and commercials. This is NOT healing.

Your current doctor may mean well, but we know that they get many more hours of training on pharmaceuticals than they do on nutrition.

We now believe/understand that the vast majority of our health problems -- mental and physical -- come from past trauma, not genetics. That past trauma lives within us and drives most of our bad decisions and lifestyles.

When you start a healing journey, your goal should be to find complete and true healing -- healing from the trauma of your past -- what I refer to as healing the whole... becoming your whole self again. (Trauma tends to separate our one self into multiple selves; healing brings us back to ourselves, allowing us to incorporate that trauma into our being, rather than trying to distance ourselves from that pain.)

And while a healing journey can be a bumpy road, as we near true healing, the view from the top of that mountain is spectacular, amazing, breathtaking... you discover life can truly be filled with joy, peace, love.

Additional True Healing Resources

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