Five Tips for Spreading Positivity

All of us have experienced bad situations and negative people, times that tried us to our core and perhaps pushed us into a funk or depression. But the resilient among us -- the ones who know that positivity is power -- who have the tools and skillset to rise above the negativity and focus on the good, to see the positive in negative people and bad situations, also have an important role to play.

Those of us who have embraced positivity have an obligation to help others to share and showcase that positivity is not simply taking a blind-eye to situations, but instead a determination to see the good, to see the positive rather than the negative, and to remove ourselves from hopeless situations and people as a last resort.

If you are on the fence about positivity, read my article, Practice Positivity: Five Tips for Becoming More Positive.

But if already know the power of positivity and lead a positive life, then the next step is spreading the message of positivity to others. How? Read on.

Five Ways for Igniting Positivity Around You

1. Showcase How to Live a Positive Life. Be a role model, a beacon of positivity that others can witness, appreciate, and emulate. Actions always speak louder than words, so while you certainly can and should share your story about how positivity changed your life, you should make certain that you are leading a life of positivity that includes being kind to others, engaging them in polite discussion, listening graciously to their views and issues, and otherwise spreading joy and goodness. Show the power of positivity to others.

2. Talk to Others About the Power of Positivity. Those of us who have transformed our lives through positivity have a story to tell, a story that could influence others to make changes in their lives, so by all means, share that story. Just remember when you are telling your story that you come across more as someone sharing the good news, not preaching or condescending.

3. Spread the Joy of Positivity Through Thoughts and Actions. By taking the time to complete small acts of reflection and kindness, we spread the power of positivity -- both in ourselves and others. How? Here are just a few ideas:

  • Smile and make eye contact with others; acknowledge them

  • Practice acts of gratitude to your Maker and to others close to you

  • Write personalized thank-you notes to friends, family, and others who have helped you

  • Visit with a neighbor (especially one who is struggling) and offer an ear or lend a hand

  • Drop off goodies and coffee to your local fire station

  • Teach (guest lecture) a class -- or write a post -- on your career passion/calling

  • Volunteer your time to make positive change in other people's lives

Find more ideas here: Feel Good, Make a Difference: 20 Ways to Pay it Forward.

4. Build a Network of Positive People. Surround yourself with other like-minded, positive people, and use that power of increased positivity to help others in your circle who are still mired in negativity. Never give up on the negative people in your life, and always work on helping them see the positive aspects of life, but remember that negativity of any sort can be very draining and distracting -- and even impact your positivity. Having positive people around you also almost guarantees that when you have something goes wrong, you will have a strong and healthy support network.

5. Provide Tools for Coping With Negativity. Embracing positivity does not mean that you never feel down, never face negative situations or people, but it does mean that you develop coping mechanisms, and that is the last key to helping others lead a more positive life. Take time to examine the tools you have developed, but you can also incorporate some of these tools as well:

  • Accepting that negative people are hurting in one or more ways

  • Acknowledging that situations will arise that test your positivity

  • Avoiding complainers and gossipers

  • Limiting time wasted over-analyzing bad situations or people

  • Developing a strong and positive support system

  • Choosing your battles and knowing when to walk away

  • Cultivating listening skills that can help uncover the real reason for negativity

Final Thoughts on Being a Positive Force

Spreading peace, love, joy -- spreading positivity -- has an amazing ripple effect, and your actions toward one or two people might result in countless others being touched and transformed.

You do not -- and perhaps should not -- be an evangelist for positivity, but you can use your actions and your experiences to continue to transform your life and the lives of those around you.

Dr. Randall Hansen is an advocate, educator, mentor, ethicist, and thought-leader... helping the world heal from past trauma. He is founder and CEO of, a network of empowering and transformative Websites, including

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