Practice Positivity: Five More Tips for Becoming More Positive

In my first article on positivity, I laid out the reasons why people should strive for being more positive -- and we provided five tips for becoming more positive, for fighting the negative elements of the world that surround us.

If you have not read my first five tips for becoming more positive, please read: Practice Positivity: 5 Tips for How You To Be More Positive.

In this piece, I provide five more tips for practicing positivity.

5 More Positivity Tips for Being More Positive
  1. Find time to sing, dance more. Music has both a physical and mental effect, and has the ability to uplift us, improving both mental and physical health... and, of course, if you dance to the music, then you are also getting additional exercise and endorphins, which multiples the effects of the music. Of course, if there are songs you relate to negative feelings and emotions, remove them from your playlist.

  2. Surround yourself with positive people. Perhaps a bit too obvious, but the people you surround yourself with have a major impact on your outlook on life... thus it might be time to look at your friends and decide whether having one or more negative people in your life makes sense, especially if you struggle with being positive. You do not need to have super rah-rah friends, but you don't want all Debby Downers either.

  3. Practice spinning negatives to positives. Politicians do it all the time, so why shouldn't we? Missed your connection while traveling? Frustrating, yes, but perhaps it gives you a chance to catch up on work or that novel you're reading or take an unexpected side trip. Rainy weather on a long-awaited vacation? Go out in it and have fun getting wet and being silly and then dry off back at the hotel... or stay inside and make it a romantic getaway. If you try hard enough, you can see clearly through any disappointments to find the silver lining, the positive outcome.

  4. Focus on gratitude. Most of us do not spend enough time recognizing all the good in our lives, so one way to increase your positivity is making the effort to live a grateful life. Pick at least one time during your day to make note of all the good things in your life -- perhaps during your morning commute, or while waiting for the coffee to brew, or waiting for the kids at the bus stop, or before you go to bed... you choose, but just do it. I am a firm believer in the more positive energy you put out there, the more you get back -- and the more to be grateful for!

  5. Dream and make plans; set goals. For many people, the biggest cause of anxiety and negativity is their work -- or lack of it. The secret is having dreams and aspirations -- and the specific goals and steps you need to take to achieve them. Allowing momentum to carry you through a career often leads to negativity -- as others get promotions or new jobs and you feel stuck. Dream, plan, achieve -- and feel the positivity dripping off of you and your success!

Final Thoughts on Positivity

No one is positive 24/7, but the more you embrace the 10 tips provided in these two articles, the closer you'll be to shielding yourself from the negative and accentuating and rejoicing in the positive -- and infusing that positivity in others in your life.

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