Five Ways to Restore Grace and Meaning to Your Life

Are you in a state of grace? Do you wish for a life of meaning and grace? Grace is a gift that awakens and liberates your mind from the stresses of everyday life and puts you in a more relaxed and happy state. When you are in a state of grace, you know your purpose in life and effortlessly succeed in living a life that benefits you -- and those around you. When you are in a state of grace, you are able to live your best life and appreciate, love, and serve others with ease and joy.

This article discusses five ways you can change your behaviors to help you restore/enhance grace and live a purely joyous and meaningful life. Incorporating these traits and actions will lead you to a happier and more fulfilling life.

Authenticity. There was a time in my life when I lost who I was at my core because I wore a mask in every social interaction. That mask allowed me to easily assimilate and blend in with my surroundings, but after a while I began to doubt who I was. During that time, I met others who shared those same fears and anxieties. The key is understanding your core values, your core personality, your core self.

Learning to embrace your authentic self -- and live a more authentic life -- is a major step toward freeing the bonds that hold you back. Wearing a mask may make a situation easier to manage, but that mask blocks the development of real and honest relationships and love.

Authenticity is not about being perfect; it's about understanding your true self. Authenticity is not about being selfish, it's about owning who you are. And once you know your true, authentic self, you can embrace it, strengthen it, modify it.

Kindness. We live in a world that sometimes seems backward, one that rewards negativity and nastiness over kindness and compassion. In fact, it often seems easier to say something mean than to find something to say that is kind, especially on social media. Try remembering the phrase, "if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all."

But kindness is more than holding your tongue... it's about maintaining a pleasant disposition and developing a concern for others. It's about forgiving the real and perceived trespasses against us -- and forgetting them, while forgiving those who hurt us.

Kindness costs us nothing. In fact, kindness is easier to maintain, less stressful, than holding a grudge. Make an effort to be kind to all those around you: friends, coworkers, and strangers alike. Hold the elevator, give up your seat on the bus/train, let someone cut into your traffic lane, express gratitude, say hello (and mean it), smile, compliment, listen, connect, and volunteer. Express your love and appreciation, and hug your loved ones.

Pay it forward. Take small steps to brighten people's days with small acts of kindness. Pay the toll for the person or persons behind you, pick up the tab of someone struggling at the diner, give a larger tip to that hard-working waitress, surprise a neighbor with freshly baked goodies, donate food to a food bank, buy pet food for a homeless shelter.

Generosity. Our ideal state should be one in which we are genuinely giving to the people around us -- with a desire to give with no expectations for something in return. Generosity is the quality of being selfless, of giving to others, helping make other people's lives better in some way... it certainly can be about money, but there are so, so many other ways to be giving of yourself, such as with your time and love.

Certainly, if you have the good fortune of having a good-paying job, then consider donating to those organizations that do good work for causes you believe in. These organizations are always struggling with funding, and your giving helps them achieve their mission. If you don't have the financial resources, consider volunteering.

In this fast-paced life so many of us live, time has become a precious commodity, and spending time and helping those who are alone or who need someone to listen (or provide a favor or service) to them is a wonderful and generous gift. Just be careful of those who will take advantage and demand more of your time than you can give.

It only takes a few seconds to tell someone how much they mean to you, to express your love for him/her, and yet we -- and especially we men -- often either have a hard time expressing it or simply take it for granted. Be generous with your love, telling and showing the people who mean the most in your life just how you feel about them.

Fairness. For many of us, being impartial and treating others equally -- without favoritism or discrimination -- is the most difficult trait to master. We are quick to judge. It's basic human nature to compare our situation to others or to classify people into groups based on age, gender, skin color, and religion.

Fairness is about moving away from the fringes and meeting people in the middle. Fairness is often about compromise, about seeing the other person's perspective and attempting to find common ground.

To become fairer, you will need to place yourself in other people's shoes. Strive for living your life under the Golden Rule: Doing to others as you would have them do to you.

Appreciation. We all crave appreciation... praise for who we are, and what we do. But to live a more grace-filled life, we need to see and value all the things and people that add value to our lives and act on that appreciation.

One way to accomplish this task is taking time to understand and value the bounty that is in your life. Whether it's a nightly habit before going to bed, or once weekly, take time to think about the things and people you are most grateful for, and appreciate what you have in your life.

Once you realize the many gifts in your life, be generous with your praise and appreciation for them. It is perhaps the easiest thing we can give -- to simply acknowledge and express thanks -- for all things large and small. Start with thanking your God, the Creator, the Universe.

But also remember that whatever kindness someone does for you, take a moment and express your appreciation -- and consider taking that appreciation a step further by sending a thank-you card with a hand-written note thanking them for being in your life, and for whatever kindness or gift they gave you.

Final Thoughts: Remember that grace is the very character of God's nature... abounding and overflowing outwardly in acts of love, mercy, fairness, compassion, and liberal giving of yourself.

Dr. Randall Hansen is an advocate, educator, mentor, ethicist, and thought-leader... helping the world heal from past trauma. He is founder and CEO of, a network of empowering and transformative Websites, including

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