Traveling on the Road? Emergency First Aid Kit Checklist

If you spend a lot of time in your vehicle -- whether for work or adventure -- it is important, vital, and possibly life-saving, to create and keep an emergency first aid kit. Truly do not leave home without it.

This pack should also be an essential part of your camping gear, as well as in your RV.

Emergency First Aid Kit Essential Gear

  • First Aid manual (with CPR instructions)

  • Variety of size and function adhesive bandages

  • Antiseptic wipes (for cleaning wounds) and antiseptic gel (for cleaning hands)

  • Antibiotic (with pain reliever) ointment

  • QuickClot sponge (to quickly stop bleeding)

  • Sling/Triangular and ace bandages

  • Tourniquet (or item that can be used as one)

  • Gauze pads (various size) and adhesive tape

  • Tongue depressors

  • Synthetic gloves

  • Instant cold packs

  • Ointments: burn (with aloe vera), stings/bites, hydro-cortisone

  • Pain relievers: aspirin, ibuprofen

  • Tools: sharp-point tweezers, curved medical scissors

  • Wet Wipes (for clean up)

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