Five Truths That Will Transform Your Life

Often, our everyday lives are a struggle -- of deadlines, emotional battles, inner fears and worries, concerns about friends and loved ones.

But you can lead a much happier -- and less stress-filled life -- by understanding and adopting these fundamental truths about the meaning and purpose of your life...

Use -- believe and adopt -- these truths to live a better, more inspired, and focused life.

Five Truths That Will Transform Your Life

1. The life you are living -- or will live -- is your creation. If you are not happy with your current life, whether job, relationship, or whatever... remember that you are the architect of your life; if you place blame on others, now is the time to refocus that negativity into a positive, because you are responsible for your life, not others. Don't stay in a miserable relationship or keep working a job you hate. You may not be able to make a change today or tomorrow, but you can plan your escape to a new and better life -- and build the bridge (and baby steps) necessary to achieve what you want.

So start today. What are you waiting for? We only have this one life. Take an hour out of your day and begin brainstorming how you want your life to be. Then, tomorrow, begin the process of finding what you need to do to make that vision your reality. Just about anything you imagine is possible, but remember that some dreams may take more steps -- and time and energy -- than others, so be patient with yourself, as long as you are moving in the right direction!

2. Forgive and forget -- even if the other person is not worthy of it. When we have been wronged -- whether or not the other person even knows or acknowledges how we feel -- we have to be the bigger person and let the hurt go. Letting the pain and anger fester inside us does more damage to ourselves -- and increases the suffering we inflict on ourselves -- and sometimes those around us.

The key is first forgiving yourself of any part you think you might have caused -- because we do not control other people. Second, forgive the other person, even when you know you are in the right and deserve an apology -- as some people are just clueless. Finally, forget the injustice and move on with your life -- when you finally put the matter to rest, your mind and heart will clear and you will feel so much better. Holding grudges and anger weighs us down too much.

3. Keep fear out of all your major (and minor) decisions. Fear is an immobilizing force that often leads us to doing nothing -- or making the wrong choices. Take calculated risks and chances -- especially when there are many positives and few potential negatives. Do not let fear win, nor rule your decision-making.

If you let fear win, you will live a life of what-ifs and deep regret. If only you had gone ahead and made that choice, if only you had taken a risk with that relationship, if only you had gone back to college to finish your degree, if only you had accepted that promotion or new job. Take calculated risks and chances -- push fear aside and save it for truly life-threatening circumstances.

4. Believe in yourself, know your accomplishments, and promote yourself. Yes, affirmation from others is a wonderful and positive thing, but true happiness comes only from within. If you do not believe in yourself, if you do not truly love yourself, then how will anyone else? And so what if no one else notices your accomplishments or self-growth? You have to be the one who is happy and proud... and know that it is okay to sometimes be your own cheerleader in broadcasting your successes and accomplishments.

Whether in your personal life -- and especially in your work life -- record all your accomplishments, big and small. In your personal life, it is important for your self-worth and ego to recognize your growth and positive outcomes and successes. At work, it's important for your boss to know your work and what you have accomplished -- especially in terms of promotions and salary reviews; keep a log of all the ways you have succeeded in your job and helped your department, company, boss.

5. Embrace change -- rather than fearing it -- for what it is. If you are not changing, then you are stagnant -- and yet so many people fear change, worrying that the unknown is worse than the known. And while a cliche, change is inevitable, change is life. Know that sometimes change will be hard, and that sometimes you may fail... but that does not make all change band, nor does that make you a failure.

You can embrace change in your life as natural by focusing on how to bridge the large changes with smaller steps, smaller changes that will lead you to success. Also realize and accept that sometimes change will require you to take one or more steps backward before you can again move forward -- such as going back to school to complete a degree or new training before you can get that promotion or new job... or going to counseling to learn how to be a better partner in relationships.

Final Thoughts on Transforming Your Life

One final thought... you need to embrace the people in your life who truly support and love you -- and shed those that cause you doubt, fear, harm -- if you want to live a truly transformed life.

Remember, too, that you may need to seriously alter your perspectives and self-beliefs in order to take these truths to heart and transform your life... it may also take some time to do so. All these things are okay... as long as you are on a path of acceptance and growth... and truth.

So, take a deep breath and move forward with your life. Take charge, love yourself, forgive others, push aside fear, and accept change.

Dr. Randall Hansen is an advocate, educator, mentor, ethicist, and thought-leader... helping the world heal from past trauma. He is founder and CEO of, a network of empowering and transformative Websites, including

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