Ten Things Successful People Do NOT Do!

Do you sometimes struggle with achieving all your goals? Does success sometimes elude you? Do you find yourself slipping into bad habits that you know are wrong? Do you wonder how to be more successful?

By definition, successful people are those who overcome obstacles and achieve goals. If you want to achieve greater success in your life, the best way to learn how to become better at accomplishing your goals is by understanding what successful people do -- and what they do NOT do.

Learn from the best! Here are ten activities that the most successful folks do not ever do.

Avoid These 10 Success-Blockers

1. Successful people do not avoid change. Successful people are adapters, not traditionalists. They know change is inevitable, often for the best, and sometimes leading to better ways to accomplish their goals. Instead of avoiding change, they learn to accept and embrace change.

2. Successful people do not spend much time feeling sorry for themselves -- or blaming others. They do not waste time comparing themselves to others or blaming others for their own mistakes and failures. Instead, they seek to focus on their strengths and successes and take accountability for all their actions -- good and bad.

3. Successful people do not set unrealistic goals. They know that setting unrealistic goals is almost guaranteeing failure. Instead, they break down larger goals into smaller, more achievable ones, and negotiate more reachable goals (with themselves, their bosses, their families or friends).

4. Successful people do not dwell on the past or on incorrect past beliefs. They are not bound by tradition or incorrect beliefs, or past policies and procedures. Instead, they tend to focus on accepting new facts and policies, learning the best new practices to achieve their goals.

5. Successful people do not give up after failure. They realize that failure is simply part of life -- not the defining element. Instead, after a failure, they carefully examine their actions, learn what went wrong, and make adjustments so that the mistakes will not be repeated.

6. Successful people do not resent other people's success. They realize that comparing ourselves to others can lead to anger and bitterness, and that success is not a finite object -- nor a competition -- but that we can all be successful. Instead, they embrace and genuinely celebrate other people's successes, knowing the positive energy is good for everyone.

7. Successful people do not waste time on things they cannot control. They realize that they cannot make all the decisions nor know all the pertinent information. Instead, they rely on the hope and knowledge that people making some of the decisions are making the right one -- and focusing more on the areas in their lives that they control... mainly their attitudes and actions.

8. Successful people do not expect immediate gratification/results. They realize that life and success are a long game, rejoicing in smaller accomplishments and actions that will eventually result in the success they seek. Instead of seeking that immediate return on their actions, they focus on recording their accomplishments, laying the groundwork for even greater successes.

9. Successful people do not equate success with money. They realize that money is simply a tool and an outcome of success, not the goal itself. Instead, they define success in terms of internal factors that matter most to them, such as happiness, health, wholeness -- as well as other factors such as quality time, family life, travel, self-actualization, and the impact they have made on others.

10. Successful people do not go a day without giving thanks/focusing on gratitude. They realize that achieving their goals is most often accomplished with the help of others. Instead, they practice the art of graciously thanking people for their impact in their lives and for the other blessings and successes provided to them. Everyone has one or more things in their lives to be thankful for.

Final Thoughts on Success

One final comment... Successful people keep going, keep striving toward their goals, rethinking strategies when roadblocks appear, but always finding a way around obstacles, not letting small mistakes or fears block their path to successfully accomplishing their goals. They are forward-thinking people who never stop learning, never stop growing.

Regardless of your track record, you can become (more) successful -- simply by observing and following the things that successful people do to achieve their goals, to overcome obstacles and failures -- to embrace change and new ideas, to define success in terms of what matters most to themselves and their happiness.

Thanks for reading, best of luck in all future endeavors, and wishing you a lifetime of successes -- large and small.

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Dr. Randall Hansen is an advocate, educator, mentor, ethicist, and thought-leader... helping the world heal from past trauma. He is founder and CEO of EmpoweringSites.com, a network of empowering and transformative Websites, including EmpoweringAdvice.com.

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