7 Simple Changes to Naturally Improve Your Health/Immune System

Now more than ever, improving and boosting the strength of your immune system is essential. Find simple changes to improve your immune system naturally.

If there is a silver lining from the pandemic, it's that we all need to be much more focused on our health and well-being, including keeping our natural immune system as strong as possible.

Some people may fear that they have to make too many changes to their lives... and, yes, some of those changes may take some adjusting, especially if you like eating out at fast food places or consuming processed foods. Even harder if you are addicted to sugar (and, yes, sugar is addictive), but if you want to live a full life and not depend on pharmaceuticals to keep you going, follow these tips.

Of course, before taking any of this advice, we recommend having a wellness visit with your primary doctor and get his/her input on ways you can improve your health and natural immune system.

Change What You Eat

The vast majority of medical experts now believe our immune system operates out of our gut -- which means we need to closely examine what we're eating. You should eliminate all the "white" food groups, including sugar, bleached flour, white rice. Replace sugar with natural alternatives such as stevia, xylitol, erythritol, and monk fruit. Cook and bake from scratch rather than buying processed foods and mixes. Stop deep-frying, especially with seed oils. Avoid most fast-food restaurants; make your own happy (and healthier) meals. Also remember to drink water, stay hydrated. Learn more here, and with this article.

Exercise Daily

We now have a very sedentary lifestyle... so we need to move more! It's not the length or strenuous nature of a workout (though some of those are good), but simply the movement... even just taking a walk during your lunch break and using the stairs rather than the elevator is enough on a daily basis. If your health allows, then try to also include weekly cardio and strength-building exercises as well. Learn more here.

Implement Better Hygiene

The best thing you can do for your health is to wash your hands with mild (ideally natural) soap and warm water... many times daily -- and always after being out in public and touching things others have touched. And in between hand-washings, avoid touching your face (eyes, mouth, nose, ears) with those unclean hands... it's a hard habit to break, but once you are conscious of it, you can make it more of a habit. Avoid hand sanitizers -- unless natural.

Spend Time in Nature

We have become disconnected from the natural world -- and it shows. The natural world is not only beautiful, which helps lower our stress hormones, but all plants (and especially trees) give off phytoncides, which are chemicals the plants produce to protect themselves from germs and parasites. These phytoncides are mostly antioxidants, anti-depressants, and anti-inflammatory -- and have been found to encourage natural killer (NK) cells in the human body. Nature truly heals. Learn more here.

Reduce Stress

Stress can kill you... literally. Stress is the body's way of reacting to a physical or psychological challenge... and if you were not stressed before the pandemic and all its related issues, you probably have been experiencing stress now. If we allow stress to linger and become chronic, it can lead to depression, difficulty sleeping, and higher blood pressure -- which can lead to triggering panic attacks, heart attacks, and strokes. Find ways to reduce stress by turning off the news, exercising, enjoying time with loved ones, and finding a new hobby. Learn more here.

Sleep Longer

Almost all studies show the value of sleep for the brain and the body, but all studies also show that most of us do not get the best or healthiest of sleep. Adults should average about 7 hours of sleep per night; children and teens even longer. Sleep reduces stress and inflammation while improving your memory and brain function. Your first goal should be going to be bed earlier or sleeping later, but after that, you really also need to examine the quality of your mattress, the temperature and lighting in the room, and the elimination of all electronic devices. Learn more here.

Consider Supplements

Vitamins C and D are essential, as are A, B, and E. Various minerals are also important, such as magnesium, potassium, and sodium. Omega-3 fatty acids and fish oil supplements are key to fighting inflammation. Many of these supplements can be found in our foods, but with the increase in industrial farming and degradation of soil health -- along with the poor diets of many -- the foods we eat are often lacking some of these essential elements.

Final Thoughts on Improving Your Health and Immune System

It goes without saying that you should be doing all things in moderation, which includes drinking. In terms of smoking, you really need to quit entirely, but at least cutting back would be a start.

Want more tips for better health and immune support?

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