Five Attitude Changes That Help You Survive, Then Thrive

Do you try to do it all (by yourself)? Are you stressed out by your workload? Do you find yourself mentally exhausted every day? Are you so focused on the present that you can't see the future?

If you answered yes to just one of these questions, you are not alone, as more and more workers are living in a time of limited work-life balance, pressure for increased productivity, and a concern over job security.

No matter what your job -- whether you are your own boss or work for someone else -- you will be more successful if you try incorporating all of these success hacks into your daily routine. Use them first to survive your days, then use them to empower you to thrive and succeed.

Five Changes to Improve Your Life, Reduce Stress

1. Take moments to relax, think happy thoughts. Instead of working -- and stressing -- non-stop through the day, take time to breathe, to take a quick walk, to look at a favorite picture or video, to stop and smell the flowers. Researchers have found that short breaks throughout the day increase productivity and mental capacity. Want to solve that problem? Take your mind off of it for a few minutes and let the creative juices work in the background before you head back to tackle it.

2. Accept that struggles are part of life, part of the path to success. Instead of avoiding a tough issue you are struggling with, tackle it head-on, and work through it. The longer you let a problem nag at you, the more it is slowly choking you -- of your productivity, happiness, success. If you are completely stumped, find a new way to approach the problem and/or seek help from a colleague or trusted friend.

3. Don't go negative, and distance yourself from negative people. Nothing drains your energy and effectiveness than negativity. Negative thoughts and negative people are like a cancer to success. Find a way to stop the negativity; stop comparing yourself to others or being too hard on yourself; seek professional help if you can't find good solutions. Avoid others who dwell on what's wrong rather than what's right... you will quickly feel much better and find yourself much more productive.

4. Plan for the future, instead of getting lost in the present. We can often become so overwhelmed with our current situation, heavy workload, and demanding bosses, that we become too preoccupied with simply surviving the present -- becoming stressed and depressed. When your present workload starts crushing you, step away mentally (and/or physically) and make plans for your future, developing steps and goals so that your present situation becomes only a temporary stepping stone to a much better future, a better life.

5. Take time for others -- and to connect with others. Two positive outcomes occur from changing the focus from you and onto others. First, by listening and connecting with other people, you allow your mind to take a break from all the stress and problems you are facing. Second, by being genuinely interested in other people and building positive relationships, studies show you become a better and stronger person, less self-centered and healthier (both mentally and physically).

Final Thoughts on Surviving and Thriving

We have to work in the present, but that does not mean that the present is our permanent reality... and even while working in a stressful job, we can -- and must -- take mental and physical breaks to recharge our brains and reduce stress.

By following these simple tips -- taking moments to relax, accepting that struggle is normal, avoiding negativity and negative people, making plans for the future, and making genuine connections with others -- we can make it through another day, another week, another month... until we can move to the next step in our journey toward not just surviving, but thriving.

Dr. Randall Hansen is an advocate, educator, mentor, ethicist, and thought-leader... helping the world heal from past trauma. He is founder and CEO of, a network of empowering and transformative Websites, including

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