Five Steps for Achieving What You Want in Life

My mother always told me, "you can achieve anything you put your mind to." It's a mantra I have followed my entire life, and I want to share some of the secrets -- and what works -- with you.

The idea that anything is possible in life is certainly very optimistic, and cynics will quickly shoot down the concept as unattainable. But guess what? Positive thinking and affirmations -- along with hard work -- can create life-changing results, such as better jobs, happier relationships, and greater success.

Ever seen or read The Secret? The book and the movie are both based on the concept of the Law of Attraction -- that whatever we are thinking about, focusing on, dwelling on, will be attracted to us and become our reality... that our thoughts create energy, and that energy attracts like energy. If we choose to focus on the negative, the black clouds will continue to shower us with doom and gloom. If we focus on the positive -- and have specific goals we want to achieve -- we will find a way to achieve them as the universe moves us and things.

Regardless of our age, nationality, or religious beliefs, we are all affected by the laws that govern the universe... thus, whatever we imagine and hold in our thoughts can become our reality -- regardless of the perceived obstacles -- with some work on our part. And if the concept is too new-agey for you, you can consider the Law of Attraction strategies as simply the power of your subconscious mind to drive yourself forward... of positive energy and karma and/or prayers to your God.

So why not start opening new doors and opportunities for yourself today? Why not take a few minutes and start taking the steps necessary to achieve what you want in life?

Use These 5 Steps to Power Your Success

1. Brainstorm Your Goals. Think about all the things you want to achieve or have in your life. Make a list -- a detailed list -- of what you want and hope to accomplish in your life... in both the near and far future. Think big and just keep adding ideas.

2. Review and Revise Your List of Goals. After you finish brainstorming all your ideas, now take the time to narrow your focus, eliminating the ones you do not truly have a passion for. You must desire a goal in order to achieve it. Think in terms of 5 to 10 goals you want to achieve; you can always add more after you start accomplishing the ones on your list.

3. Write Down Your Key Goals. Once you have finalized your list of goals, put them to paper in the most detailed and clear way possible. Be very specific in your wording -- using positive phrases to describe your goals. For example, do not say unimpeded success, because impeded is in the phrasing; better to say something like complete success. An interesting side note: studies show that you are 42 percent more likely you achieve a goal if you write it down.

4. Share Your Goals. Enlist the power of others to help you achieve your goals. Share your goal with your significant other, family members, and friends. The more your goals are out there in the universe, the more the energy is attracted.

5. Visualize Achieving Your Goals. You must actively be thinking about your goals -- and how best to achieve them. Most experts suggest reviewing your list nightly, in the 10 minutes or so before going to bed. Do not lose focus of what you want to achieve... another reason why your goals should be a manageable size.

Final Thoughts on Achieving Your Goals

First, be patient. Just because you have made this list of goals and put them out there into the universe does not mean they will happen overnight -- nor even exactly the way you envision them. Be patient -- but proactive -- in helping these goals become your reality.

Second, remember your role in the process. Yes, developing the list of goals is important, but you also need to actively participate, taking advantage of the smaller steps or opportunities that may present themselves... and you must plan and actively seek these positive changes in your life.

Wondering about some of my life goals? Here is a list of the top 5 affirmations and goals my wife and I plan to achieve over the next 10 years -- and beyond.

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