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Five Wonderful Wineries to Tour/Taste in Tennessee

FYI: There are more than 40 wineries and 150 vineyards thoughout Tennessee, so while we highlight five here, you might also enjoy exploring Tennessee Wines and Tennessee Wine Trails!

1. Amber Falls Winery and Cellars. Located in south-central Tennessee, in Hampshire, about 68 miles southwest of Nashville, this family-run winery is located on a scenic ridge, just off of the Natchez Trace (and one of four wineries part of the Natchez Trace Wine Trail) offering tastings year-round in a peaceful and tranquil setting, as well as seasonal music and other events. Besides enjoying your tasting in the cellar of the winery, you can also join their wine club. They produce a variety of award-winning wines, from bold dry reds to novelty fruit wines, including: President's Choice Syrah, Sarah's Choice Riesling, People's Choice Blackberry, Crescendo, The Journey, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Gris, Chardonel, Cottage Rose, Raspberry Romance, Patriot, Cajunfest, and Madame Muscadine. Amber Falls Winery and Cellars website.

2. Arrington Vineyards. Located in in the rolling hills near Arrington, in central Tennessee, about 35 miles south of Nashville, this 92-acre vineyard (16-acres planted) is owned by country music artist Kix Brooks, winemaker Kip Summers, and entrepreneur John Russell. Open year-round (except a few major holidays), they offer two tasting room experiences within the tasting lodge, a beautifully restored farmhouse with rustic covered decks to sit and admire the countryside. Their wines use grapes (Chambourcin, Vidal Blanc, Viognier, Corot Noir, and Vignoles) from their own vineyard, as well as from several other growers in Tennessee and several other states. A retail store is available in the tasting lodge, and wine enthusiasts can also join their wine club. Some of their wines include: Chardonnay, Kinzley Reserve, Stag's White, Riesling, Firefly Rose, Scarlet, Red Fox Red, Petite Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Syrah. Arrington Vineyards website.

3. Century Farm Winery. Located just west of Jackson, about 77 miles northeast of Memphis, in southwestern Tennessee, this family-owned and operated winery is one working farm that has been in production for more than 150 years -- and is recognized as a Tennessee Century Farm -- and offers visitors a selection of award-winning handcrafted wines. Open year-round (except major holidays), they offer music/concerts in the summer, a gift shop with wine-making supplies, and a wine club, as well as tastings. Buy a bottle, as well as local cheese and meats from the store, and have a picnic on the grounds of the winery. Wines include: Sugar Plum, Raspberry Delight, Vintage Muscat, Velvet Rose, Chardonel, Norton, Chambourcin, Poverty Point Red, Corot Noir, Irish Rose, Madison Muscat, Cayuga White, Traminette, Red Muscadine, Muscadine, Heritage Red, as well as several fruit wines (peach, blackberry, cranberry), and one port-style dessert wine, La Fin. Century Farm Winery website; part of Wine Trail of West Tennessee.

4. Highland Manor Winery. Located near Jamestown, in northeast Tennessee, about 79 miles northwest of Knoxville, this family-run wintery has been producing fine, handcrafted wines for more than three decades, and is the state's oldest licensed wintery. Free wine tastings, tours, events, and more. Before the tasting, have fun exploring the gift shop (including Sweetwater Valley Farm cheeses, premium crackers, and artisan gifts), then take a bottle of wine and snacks and picnic outside or in the wine cellar. Wines include: Royal Rose, Cayuga White, Muscadine, Southern Blush, Cab Berry, Royal White, White Riesling, Highland Sunset, Seyval Blanc, Chardonnay, Reserve Chardonnay, Highland Red, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon. They also have a beef cattle operation, along with other livestock and a large aviary. Finally, they produce Sawbriar Honey and occasionally wild berry jams, jellies, and traditional country hams. A member of the Upper Cumberland Wine Trail. Highland Manor Winery website.

5. Tennessee Valley Winery. Located in Loudon, in east-central Tennessee, about 35 miles southwest of Knoxville, this family-owned winery is one of the oldest in the state, and has accumulated more than 800 awards and accolades in its three+ decades of winemaking. Its wines can be found in wine and liquor stores in Knoxville, Nashville, and Chattanooga. The winery offers free tastings, picnic tables with a view of the surrounding countryside, and a wide variety of wines, including: Red Zinfandel Private Reserve, Captain's Reserve, Tennessee Red, Red Muscadine, Cherokee Red, Country Red, Riesling, Vidal Blanc, White Muscadine, Pink Muscadine, Mountain Blush, as well as several fruit wines (including Wild Cherry, Blackberry, Strawberry). Also includes a gift shop with cheeses and souvenirs. Tennessee Valley Winery website.

Bonus: Some Cheese to Go With Your Tennessee Wine

Enjoy some locally-produced and award-winning cheddar cheese with that wine. After you've bought a few bottles -- or cases -- of wonderful Tennessee wine, add to your experience with a tasting and tour at the Sweetwater Valley Farm. Located in the heart of southeast Tennessee's dairy-rich Sweetwater Valley, on West Lee Highway, in Philadelphia, you'll get to learn more about dairy farming while enjoying wonderful cheese. Tours are Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, April-September, weather-permitting, at 11 am and 1 pm. Learn more about visiting the farm here: Sweetwater Valley Farm.

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