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Five Wonderful Wineries to Tour/Taste in Oregon

FYI: There are about 500 wineries thoughout Oregon, so while we highlight five here, you could easily spend a few weeks exploring Oregon Wine Country!

1. Argyle Winery. Located in Dundee, Oregon, in the Willamette Valley in the northwest part of the state, about 25 miles southwest of Portland, visitors will find a family-run (since 1987) winery that produces world-class sparkling wines (using the traditional methode champenoise), barrel-fermented chardonnay, and silky-textured pinot noirs from low-yield vines. Argyle, which follows a strict environmental stewardship of the land, consists of these vineyards, totally more than 400 acres, including the Knudsen Vineyard, Lone Star Vineyard, and Spirit Hill Vineyard. For tasting room hours, location, and more, visit their Website: Argyle Winery.

2. Elk Cove Vineyards. Located in Gaston, Oregon, in the Willamette Valley, in the foothills of the Coast Range Mountains, about 30 miles west of Portland, this 300-acre vineyard established in 1974 produces wonderful pinot noirs and steel-fermented white wines (pinot gris, pinot blanc), as well as a few limited specialty wines, from grapes sustainably harvested from six vineyards: Estate Vineyard, Windhill Vineyard, Five Mountain Vineyard, Mount Richmond Vineyard, Clay Court Vineyard, and Good rich Vineyard. Visitors to the tasting room will enjoy the spectacular views of the surrounding vineyards. For tasting room hours, location, and more, visit their Website: Elk Cove Vineyards.

3. The Eyrie Vineyards. Located in McMinnville, Oregon, in the Willamette Valley, about 40 miles southwest of Portland, in the northwestern part of the state, this vineyard, which was established in 1965, producing its first vintage in 1970, is known for both for its elegant wines, as well for its place in wine history -- introducing the first U.S. pinot gris to the U.S. and for placing U.S. pinot noirs on the world map with a finish in the 1979 Wine Olympics. This environmentally sustainable winery consists of 60 acres from five different vineyards. For tasting room hours, location, and more, visit their Website: The Eyrie Vineyards.

4. King Estate. Located in the western part of Oregon in the southern Willamette Valley town of Lorane, about 20 miles southwest of Eugene, this certified organic 1,033-acre winery founded in 1991, has 465 acres planted to grapes -- making it the world's largest contiguous vineyard. Besides growing grapes, the estate also has 30 acres of fruits, vegetables, and flowers. Like others in the state, this winery is known for its pinot gris, while also producing pinot noir and limited amounts of chardonnay. Besides complimentary wine tastings and tours, visitors can relax and eat at the highly-regarded restaurant serving lunch and dinner with a menu that incorporates the locally grown organic ingredients. For tasting room hours, location, and more, visit their Website: King Estate.

5. Sokol Blosser Winery. Located in Dayton Oregon, in the Willamette Valley, about 30 miles southwest of Portland, in the northwestern part of the state, this 85-acre, organic and sustainable family-owned and run vineyard started in 1971 is known for their pinot noir and pinot gris, but also produce small quantities of pinot noir rose (regular and sparkling) and white Riesling dessert wine, as well as some blends. Visitors will enjoy the tasting experience -- in a fairly new facility that offers a variety of tasting options, starting in the main room and continuing to multiple indoor and outdoor options. For tasting room hours, location, and more, visit their Website: Sokol Blosser Winery.

Bonus: Some Cheese to Go With Your Oregon Wine

Enjoy some cheese with that wine. After you've bought a few bottles -- or cases -- of wonderful Oregon wine, add to your experience with some cheesy fun at the Tillamook Creamery Association's visitor center, where you can sample cheeses to your heart's content and then purchase any Tillamook dairy product, as well as other local Oregon delicacies, or even a (breakfast or lunch) snack at the cafe, as well as dessert at the ice cream counter. Visitors can also learn more about dairy farming and cheese production. The company states that no cows in the co-op of family-run dairy farmers uses any artificial growth hormones. Located on the northwestern coast of Oregon, near Tillamook Bay, about 75 miles west of Portland. Learn more about visiting the factory.

Want more wine adventure? Spend some time browsing the entire list of Oregon wineries and vineyards in the Oregon Wines and Wineries: The Online Guide and/or check out Oregon Wine Country: Willamette Valley Wine, Wineries & Tasting Rooms.

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